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Leaders: Plan, Assess, Execute & Achieve

It is that time of year between the end of one year and the start of something new, and as a leader there is a lot to consider. People are decorating their homes, shopping, setting up their IRAs, closing out their tax year and taking inventory for one last time. Is that really what true leaders should be doing? Yes and no.

True leaders should be grappling with the long game. They should be working on their vision for future goals; not just their personal accomplishments but the goals for their team. Brian Tracey says, "Leadership is the ability to get extraordinary achievement from ordinary people."

We are far more capable than we realize. Leaders need to consider opportunities and challenges within their team. Who is the highest performer? How does a leader develop that high performer and utilize their talent to create extraordinary results? Also, they must plan for succession within the team and hire the best person to replace members as talent evolves. Great leaders are always working on their team because their team is busy working for them. What are you without a great team? Great leaders are motivational and they create intrinsic rewards to ensure success. They plan, assess, execute and achieve. They have an unwavering vision that sees beyond the challenge and the "we can't" into places only they can visualize. And yes, sometimes to achieve long-term success they need to be courageous.

How do they do it? Well, first of all, they have the sustained belief in the outcome, but they also hire the best people. They don't just rely on​ a nice resume or an executive presence during the interview process, nor do they rely on their gut. And, they don't just settle on the combination. Too often, a candidate can bluff their way through an interview. I certainly made a bad hire, a time or two in my career. What about you? A bad hire can cost you in the long game, both in reputation and revenue. And, sometimes facts are not quite as they seem. Candidates have been known to embellish a resume. And does a resume capture the true behavioral characteristics of a candidate? How do you know if they will be on time, or show up at all for that matter? Once they get their benefits, will they be loyal to you? Will they adhere to deadlines, policies and procedures? Or will they be difficult to manage? Will they work well with the existing team? Do you want someone who can be courageously bold and reframe the team dynamic? What is a leader to do?

Plan, assess, execute and achieve. Assess means perform an actual assessment on the candidates to ensure that not only are they passionate about the type of work but also that they meet the criteria needed to fulfill the team dynamic. Without passion, a great employee becomes bored quickly, and without the cognitive ability, a good employee has to stretch too far every day, and they become overwhelmed. A good assessment will give you an accurate match for the position you need to fill and it will enable you to determine if the candidate is a good fit in your team dynamic. And, for this you need to plan. You need to know your expectations, team gaps, and once you know them, you need to be relentless in the pursuit of candidates that meet your actual needs. This should be a part of your interview process. I suggest the PXT Select™. It offers 13 different reports to assess individual strenghs, team dynamics and leadership potential. Before you hire, or develop your top performer, you need to know their capabilities and their current state. In an ideal world you want to get them from the current state to your vision for their future state.

For example, you need to know, are all of your current team members extroverts who are highly social and want to sell your service but have limited ability to analyze data or enhance value? Or, are all of your team members introverts who want to analyze and test performance but really are not willing to welcome customers and expand the market? This is why you need to visualize your team running at peak performance; just like a machine. Is your team running on empty? It may be running but is it running well? Is your team sluggish or just not able to fill all of the roles required to perform well in our competitive market? Is everyone on-board the bus and in the right seats? Do you have empty seats? Study your responses to these questions. If you constantly hear that there is not enough time in the day, maybe you haven't hired energized employees. If you are unsure of the answers or if your net revenue is flat or declining, then you do need to recalibrate. You can't change your competition, but you can change your performance and your position in the market. What do you need, or better yet, who do you need? Taking the time now, before the year ends will give you the time to establish your vision before the holiday, leaving you that valuable time to recharge instead of rethinking the year during valuable family time.

This is the time to recalibrate and reach for a performance assessment that measures learning styles, behavior styles and interests. What will it cost you, if you don't? Have your current team members take it, assess their group results, and plan to fill the gaps with your next new hire. One of the reports, also helps you determine how to best manage them and coach them through critical change. If you are ready to begin the plan, let's arrange a call to step you through the process of recalibrating your team for long-term success. Start 2020 from a place of strength; your competition will.

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