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Educational Consultant & Coaching

Professional Certified Executive Coaching and Educational Consulting go hand in hand. This is what sets Admission Network apart from others. We began after 27 years of working with students to develop their educational choice in independent schools and colleges and universities.  We have grown into a firm that continues to work with students, but now works with schools, universities and leaders to create success, AND with our original students!  We want to ensure that you can exceed any challenge that life throws at you and it begins with education and ends with leadership. We are driven, are YOU?

Preparation for College

In our efforts to provide education domestically and globally, we understand the importance of inclusivity. Uniqueness is our power and we celebrate diverse points of view. We believe diversity drives innovation.  Bright ideas can come from anyone or everyone. We know through experience that different perspectives and backgrounds create strong, creative teams that deliver results and success for all.


Rebecca Eckstein, MA, CEC, PCC
Admission Network, LLC &
Eckstein Executive Coaching Institute
College Advice, Executive Coach, Admission Assessments, Strategic Planning with PXT Select
Aaron Eckstein
Chief Executive Officer
27 Media Group, LLC
Market Positioning & Branding


Increase your market position.  Create awareness through social channels (Twitter, FB and Instagram), or create and maintain your website.  Aaron and 27Media Group is cutting edge.  You won't find a more creative, dedicated, social poster for your college, school, medical facility or investment firm.  Your market position is a reflection of you.  27Media Group can transform your investment and create ROI.

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