February 26, 2019

What have you learned today? Are you an infinite learner?  Do you “feed your brain” from books, articles, and social platforms?  Or, do you learn from people?  


Infinite learners thrive on challenge.  They are eager to develop new skills and talents.  They t...

February 12, 2019

genius will be born.  Here are 7 methods to develop your genius:

1.  Don’t Force Inspiration..instead discover.  Dapple with invention, try new things but do it in fun and inspiring environments.
2.  Understand Bias.  Standardization kills creativity.  Teachers wh...

January 19, 2019

Will you be celebrating with us on May 1st, the National Deadline Day for college enrollment?  Will you be celebrating with us in May next year and the year after?  Are you setting up your university for enrollment success for the future?  You need to know what is comi...