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Executive Team  

PXT Select™ Assessments

Prior to coaching your team, as an authorized partner with Wiley, we are trained to present and analyze the PXT Select™

PXT Select™ helps you match talent with opportunity, so you have confidence you’re making the best choice.

  • PLAN in advance the job requirements needed for employees to perform their jobs successfully. 

Our breadth of performance models can help get everyone on the same page so they know exactly who they’re looking for, and the traits required to be successful.


  • ASSESS candidates objectively before, during, and after their interview.

Data driven candidate insights help managers assess how well candidates fit the job requirements, and make better informed talent decisions.


  • CHOOSE with confidence the person that is the right fit for the job.

With our unique Job Fit feature, we help to objectively compare candidates against the chosen benchmark to understand how well they fit the role requirements.


  • ENGAGE employees knowing how to best support them do their jobs effectively.

Our full suite of reports provides a path to employee engagement. Engage your workforce by helping managers onboard, coach, and develop their people to their full potential.

Once we have the feedback from the PXT Select™  we will use the results to coach your employees and engage your team to increase their productivity.  It is a versatile management tool that develops performance models that can be customized by position based on your job descriptions and your previous employee successes.


Built on 20+ years of research and rigorous validation, prioritizing quality with scientific data.  At Admission Network, LLC, we provide organizations like yours with expert knowledge and experience implementing solutions that drive business results.  Powered by Wiley: PXT Select is fueled by over 40+ years of assessment-backed expertise and 200+ years of publishing excellence.  


Call us today to set up assessments for your team - 770-988-4360!

Team Assessments
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