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Coaching Benefits

Executive Coaches have extensive training and certifications.  Usually an executive coach has expertise or competencies in specific industries.  For instance, my competencies are in leadership, organizational change, executive management and education.

Coaching is invaluable in creating high performers across the organization.  Coaching increases collaboration and eliminates the silo effect at large corporations and universities.


  • 80% of people with a coach report increased self-confidence.

  • 70% benefit from improved work performance and effective communication skills.

  • 86% of businesses report return on their investment (ROI).

  • Average ROI is 600% (ICF 2009)


You know coaching is working when you find solutions to current situations and you increase your tools and resources to solve future challenges


Benefits to Organizations:

  • Improve performance

  • Increase engagement

  • Motivate employee to succeed

  • Demonstrate commitment to employee professional development & excellence

  • Create high performing individuals 

  • Empower executives to exceed targets and goals 

Team Performance, Motivation and  Engagement
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