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Executive Coaching defines the partnership between a professional certified coach (ICF) with a business professional. Coaching develops your leaders to maximize performance.  We train them to lead leaders.  Coaching is a gift every executive should employ for themselves and their teams.  It enhances effectiveness and facilitates growth.  


The Eckstein Executive Coaching Institute has created leaders in higher education, IT, marketing & communications, health care, transportation, law, and financial management.  We have clients in just about every field and industry all over the US. where we have maximized performance, confidence, motivation, effective communication and job fit.  We align team goals to achieve institutional mission, vision and personal growth modeling.  We work with executives in all areas: leadership, role transitions, conflict management, change management, strategic planning, succession, creating high performance teams, minimizing performance gaps on teams, cultivating resilience, conflict management, stress reduction and life balance, launching new initiatives, and developing emotional intelligence.  We create immediate impact for sustainable transformational change.  Your ROI will exceed your expectations.  Motivated employees produce 31% more and sales increase by 37% (UCLA/Gallop).  What are you waiting for?  

Comprehensive Services:

  • Strategic Analysis and recommendations for Change Management

  • Team Dynamics & Optimization

  • Growth Management Outcomes and Succession Planning

  • Efficient Essential Business Process Evaluation

  • Customer Service Refresh

  • Enrollment Coaching

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