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Client Testimonials

"She is a stellar coach.  I've been particularly impressed by her insight."

"She has amazing leadership skills which led to the improvement of the morale of the team."

"Her keen ability of seeing potential in individuals, and bringing out the best in them is simply one of the best I have experienced."

"She is charismatic, personable, and approachable for all of those who interact with her.  She has a true knack for leadership and knows what it takes to get an office to the next level."

"She has a great ability to connect with leaders and really understands what the core issues are that are impacting the business.  She has an ample array of tools to mitigate the client's issues."

"She is the GOAT!"


1.  How long are coaching sessions?

Sessions are scheduled for 1 hour.  At 50 minutes we begin the recap, and discuss actionable steps before the next meeting.

2.  Are the sessions via video or phone?  Due to Zoom Fatigue, sessions are conducted via phone.  You want to be in a private room, where you can take notes with minimal distractions.  If we are preparing for an interview, we will use Zoom.

3.  Are the conversations confidential?  Yes, absolutely.  I do not even take notes; therefore, they cannot be accessed, nor do I record calls.  Too many privileged moments to take the chance.

4.  How often are sessions?  That is entirely up to you and your schedule and your timeline to meet your goals.  You will find that I am very flexible with scheduling and frequency.

5.  Who pays for coaching, when and how?  It varies depending on the client.  Some clients' employers pay, and some clients pay themselves, because it is a smart investment.  Employers pay by check usually at the beginning of the contract.  Individuals can make monthly payments via Zelle.  I also give incentives for referrals.

6.  What time zone are you in?  I am in the EST time zone, but it really does not matter.  I have worked with clients in Jordan, China, Hong Kong and Dubai.  I will work with your schedule.

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7.  Do you provide team coaching?  Yes, and in most of those situations, we utilize zoom or I travel to your location.

8.  What are the duration of your coaching contracts?  I have 3 packages -- 6-Month, 9-Month, and 12-Month; 12 sessions, 18 sessions and 24 sessions; respectively.  Cost varies based on the timeline, the nature and quantity of your goals, and your level of commitment to change your mindset, and your life!

9.  What is included beyond the coaching calls?  All clients have access to email follow-up between sessions, document review (resume, cover letters, etc.), PXT Select Assessment or 360 Verbal Assessment, access to resources and materials.

I look forward to working with you and/or your team.  Is this Going to be YOUR Best Year yet? 

Rebecca Eckstein, MA, PCC
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