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We offer high school students (and middle school students) the friendly environment to discuss and plan their college search. It is really never too early to begin planning.  Each service begins with a comprehensive discussion with the parent(s) and student, a review of academic and test records, and completion of the student profile.  We need to understand your values, priorities, and preferences, as well as your student's strengths, needs and learning styles.  We hope to help students select the best-fit college for their career expectations and their budget.



      1.  College visit advice - What questions do you ask? When do you visit?  Learn about what to look for on the college visit.

      2.  Timelines - What to do and when (9th Grade, 10th Grade, Juniors, Seniors)

      3.  College Selection - Develop, evaluate and finalize list of colleges

      4.  Scholarship search - Where, when, how much can you get?  Explore goals and options.  Click here for Hope and Zell Miller

      5.  Interview coaching - Prepare students for on campus and off campus interviews.  Practice responses for a successful interview.

      6.  Essay Advising - This is your chance to shine!  Review essay drafts and offer brainstorming for topics.

      7.  Standardized Testing (SAT/ACT) - Establish schedule, explore test prep and strategies.

      8.  Letters of Recommendation - Decide which teachers to ask, and learn how to approach teachers for best outcomes.

      9.  Co-curriculars/Summer Experiences - explore opportunties for experiences and academic, volunteer, global pursuits.​

     10.  Career Assessments - What should you do with your life?  This assessment determines your strengths and weaknesses, and passions to guide you toward your best career pathway.

     11.  Admission Results of Clients (Click here); 100% success rate on multiple admissions per student.


We assist with developing strategies to minimize and reduce college costs.  You can't afford to miss out!  As part of the college admission process, we can provide student-athletes with a customized video of their accomplishments both on and off the field. In addition, we offer resume writing and career coaching!

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