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Workshops & Presentations

Workshops & Presentations:


        Strategic Plans, Metro-Atlanta

             8 Enrollment Strategies, Staunton, Virginia (SBSA)

             College Night, New Bern, North Carolina  

             Develop A Growth Mindset, Metro-Atlanta

             Team Engagement, Atlanta

             Team Strategy, Buffalo, New York

             Develop Your Powerbase, Houston, Texas

             Work-Life Balance, Houston, Texas

             Social Media in Education, St. Augustine, Florida

             Communication Strategies, Houston, Texas

             Develop Your Strategy, Waleska, Georgia

             Performance Gaps, Westchester, New York

             Change Management, Houston, Texas

             Team Assessments, Colorado (AISAP)

             Creating High Performers, Hartford, Connecticut

             Creating High Performers, Boston, Massachusetts

             Enrollment Strategies, Bolling Green, North Carolina

             Enrollment Strategies, San Francisco, California

             Enrollment Coaching, Cambridge, Massachusetts

             Yield Success, Tampa Bay, Florida

             Neuroscience and Your Brain, Tampa, Florida


In addition to these Workshops, we also offer custom workshops and seminars that can be hosted at your  School or University.


Your facilitator has presented for 30 years on topics related to leadership, strategic planning, growth mindsets, creating high performers, admissions and financial aid, and college choice. We encourage you to sign up for one of our presentations to see for yourself the valuable knowledge that you can grasp.  Either grasp or grapple!
Educational Consulting:
     1.  College Choice, What You Don't Know (and they don't Tell you)
     2.  Ten Preparation Tips for the SAT
     3.  Independent School Testing Preparation
     4.  You Can't Afford Not To Go To College
     5.  Understanding Your Financial Aid Award
For Colleges, University and Independent Schools:
     1.  Eight Strategies that Work in Meeting Your Admission Goals
     2.  Net Revenue & Financial Aid Models
     3.  What Your Board Needs to Know
     4.  Strategic Planning
     5.  Growth Mindsets
     6.  Creating High Performers
     7.  Customer Services with WOW!
     8.  Team Engagement
     9.  Process Improvement
   10.  Change Management & YOU
   11.  Developing High Performers
   12.  Brainstorming & Productivity
   13.  Empathetic Leadership
   14.  Influence and Power


Workshops and Retreats
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