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Enrollment Coaching

Enrollment Coaching clarifies the current state of enrollment, and provides guidance for the ideal future.  Specifically, the people, process, performance, and pitfalls of the enrollment plan are discussed via inquiry, and then coaching ensues.  Are the people in the right seats on the bus?  Are the processes technically sound and efficient to ensure an exceptional student experience from inquiry to graduation?  Are early warning systems in place to determine best practices in enrollment decisions for on-campus events, messages to students, social media posts, admission decisions and matriculation?  When key indicators decline, are there contingency plans for swift correction?  The enrollment coach, partnering with the chief enrollment officer brainstorms all areas of the enrollment division, a plan of actionable steps is prepared by the enrollment officer and the coach prompts continued guidance weekly for resources, tools, processes, strategy and ultimate outcomes.  The following is a short sample of achievements in enrollment coaching.  Each target assessed has 8-12 established areas with 4-6 actionable steps included in the unique plan developed in the coaching arrangement.  Overall goal is to refresh and coach the team for enrollment success from start to finish.


  • Coaching for congruence between people and initiatives; compatibility correlation between personality/ability for motivation to succeed in enrollment

  • Benchmarking for performance goals to create high achieving team 

  • Influence the Influencers; develop your “Powerbase” (CEC)


  • Coach to establish Essential Business Practices with technology & resources

  • Develop workflow change utilizing LEAD Framework (Eckstein)


  • Develop performance measures for recruitment to assess goals

  • Partner to establish Key Indicators for goals, Early Warnings, and Dashboards


  • Coach to minimize set-backs, delays, missed opportunities

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