What do our clients say? 

"A true knack for leadership, charismatic, personable and approachable for all those

who interact with her."

               senior assistant director of admission, Oberlin College, Ohio

"True excellence in the administration of executive coaching"

               marketing and sales executive, Orlando, Florida

"An innate ability to help you see problems, the keen sense to lead"

               an executive for cloud environments, US Virgin Islands

"A wizard at building brands."

               consultant, Wilmington, North Carolina

"A breath of fresh air for our team, she will support you and your goals."

               assistant dean, 2nd largest public university in Houston, Texas

"An enthusiasm to help organizations and leaders get better."

               HR, Alexandria, VA

"Our family cannot thank you enough for going to bat...   you have truly changed

 the trajectory of his life."

               parent in Metro Atlanta


"Great leader, energetic and accepts responsibility.  Willing to put the time in to

 see the final result."  

               consultant, South Carolina


"Thank you for bringing us to a place where I believe very good days are ahead for our

admission and enrollment efforts."

               president, the largest independent school in the U.S., Atlanta, Georgia


"Thank you so much for your gracious and informative time with all three of us."

               family, Metro Atlanta


"Very well organized, a terrific recruiter, and ran a very disciplined ...."

               board member, Columbus, Ohio


"Your presentation was awesome, we will definitely ask you to come back next year."

               director of admission, Orlando, Florida


"What you said to our families, please just say it again, the same way next time.  They 

understood and appreciated your honesty."

              community in the US Virgin Islands


"video production, on camera talent.....marketing.....excels in all areas....."

               sports pro in North Carolina


"a partner that offers enormously helpful insight on enrollment management and strategy"

               a private college, Iowa


"Her knowledge has been paramount to helping me achieve my personal and professional goals."

              principal, Metro Atlanta


"An astute digital partner."

              TV station, Raleigh, North Carolina


"A true professional who helped capture our story and educated our community."

              business owner, US Virgin Islands     


"I am getting tears in my eyes writing this.. my last student loan payment.  Thank you for all of your support during my college years.  I wasn't a typical college student.

Thank you for all you did for me."

              college graduate, Virginia Beach, VA               


"Deep and committed expertise .... we now have the ability to attract the brightest

and most diverse students."

              college, Columbus, Ohio


"Thank you so much for your incredible guidance, support, and honesty!  You truly

helped me see the reality of a broken system."

              board member, Washington, D.C. 

Mobile: 540-529-7301

Mailing Address:

90F Glenda Trace, #326

Newnan, GA   30265



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Virtually Everywhere!



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