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Executive Coaching 

What is Coaching?

Certified Executive Coach Atlana Georgia

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Strategic Enrollment Management Workshops

WHY DO YOU NEED A COACH?  The goal of executive coaching is to obtain results in your professional domain.  A coach provides clarity and accountability to ensure that you take actionable steps to achieve your goals.  The client and coach explore strengths, challenge areas and values and then take the appropriate steps for attainment.  Coaching helps you obtain the EXTRA advantage that YOU need in your professional career. We develop the process to achieve your path to success and professional growth. If you are an executive that is looking for your next promotion or a new position, coaching will help you get there.  If you want to be a better leader, coaching will help you lead.  It is a journey, and how you get there is essential.  However, more important is that you arrive and thrive.  The first 90 days are significant.

According to the ICF Global Coaching Client Study conducted independently by PricewaterhouseCoopers, benefits of coaching include:


WHEN  - Coaching consists of a 6-12 month commitment, with calls twice monthly. We bring intuitive, knowledge from experience as leaders to the coaching practice in a unique hybrid of on-ground, zoom and coaching calls to your team.  Your engagment consists of "coaching calls" lasting 45-50 minutes each.  


HOW - Each call is set around an objective.  We outline the priorities in the first few minutes of the call.  All calls are confidential except as required by law or business development.  All coaching contracts include a PXT Select Assessment or 360 Verbal Feedback session.

WHO - Coaching is provided by a seasoned ICF Certified Professiona Coach (PCC).  Clients are limited and we reserve the right to decline clients who are no invested in the process of hard work to gain success.

To augment coaching, we work with small businesses, corporations, sales teams, schools, and Higher Education as workshop facilitators.  If you need assistance to move your team in the right direction, we offer the following growth opportunities: 

      1.  Team Dynamics

      2.  Increasing Your Power Base

      3.  Strategic Planning

      4.  Succession Planning

      5.  Behavioral Coaching

      6.  Coaching Through Change

      7.  Why You need a Growth Mindset

      8.  Neuroplasticity for Business

      9.  Coaching for Confidence

    10.  Hire the Best

    11.  Empathetic Leader

    12.  Rowing Together

We can help you increase your bottom line and net revenue. Coaching is something that every leader needs.  Most of us work best with consistent feedback and accountability.  We will help you obtain your dreams and your professional success!   Are you ready?

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