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Financial Aid Analysis

When it comes to financial aid, there never seems to be enough.  If you are a family we can step you through the process of applying for the best scholarships and ensure that you understand your financial aid award when you receive it.  We can also help with the FAFSA!  We have helped more than 8,000 students apply for financial aid and obtain their affordable college degree. College is expensive, but you can't afford to miss what we have to say.


We also have expert professionals who work with schools to ensure that they are spending their financial aid budget wisely.  When universities spend their funds on the right students, everyone wins.  We can help all of you.  Is your discount rate too high?  Are you leaving money on the table?  Are you offering your limited aid dollars to the "right" students?  We can help you.


We are also a business that will stick with you.  We are available for on-going questions and inquiries through the process.  We will assess your plan and present our findings, and work with you to achieve your strategic initiatives whether it be training a new financial aid director, bringing a team up to speed or providing ways to improve customer service to families.  We also provide a data analysis of your information to ensure that you are selecting and enrolling the best students. 

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