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Educational Consultant & Executive Coach

Admission Network  and Eckstein Executive Coaching has expertise in 25 states from NY to CA.  The team has expertise in consulting, executive coaching, admission and financial aid in college and independent schools, talent acquisition, marketing, social media, reorganizations, and succession planning. We advise both colleges and universities on enrollment and marketing best practices, families who are in need of advice for their student's education or their best-fit college, and executives who want to crush their goals.  

If you need an enrollment professional that can assess your current state, eliminate gaps and align your team mindset, delivering strategies to create your vison for the future for increased net revenue, enrollment and student retention, we have the best. As a certified authorized partner with PXT Select™, we will assess your team, coach you and your team to success and make sure you are competitive in a world that demands excellence. "Hire smarter, and engage fully."  We will help you achieve your aspirations and ensure that your team learns the essential skills to meet future challenges in a world of rapid change.  Schedule a discovery call today at 540-529-7301.  We work virtually everywhere!




We offer annual contracts to see you through the entire admission cycle.  The package includes: career assessments to determine your student's strengths and interests, college lists, application advice, essay review, interview tips, scholarship advice, analysis of financial aid offers to ensure that your family arrives at the best choice; ensuring success for your student. Our service includes mentoring, coaching and resume advice for internships during college as well as career positions after graduation.  We begin the process with rising 9th graders.  We can make this journey fun and eliminate the stress! For younger students, we coach families on the independent school systems in metro-Atlanta. 

Colleges and Universities:  

We can train your team, assess inefficiencies and strategize for growth.  We offer:


1. Workshops:  customer service, admission training, enrollment management strategies, process improvement and change management, creating high performing teams, and board training 

2. Coaching:   New directors and new teams in financial aid, admissions, or marketing, CFOs, Vice Presidents of Enrollment, Presidents and everyone in between.  Who doesn't need a coach to maximize performance.  Motivation increases productivity by 31% (Gallop).  The benefits of coaching are always returned in ROI.  We work with individuals and teams.  Check out our Executive Coaching Institute.

3. Office Assessments:  Changes in leadership, technological efficiencies, multi-channel marketing,  and goal setting


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