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Independent Schools

Independent Schools

We offer families a friendly environment to discuss and explore their child's education. We can work with you virtually from almost anywhere.   If we cannot help you, we know someone who will due to our extensive list of contacts.  We hope to help families select the best fit independent school for their needs and their child's learning style. We know each child learns differently.  We provide assistance with testing expectations, and interviews, and what to look for on the tour.  We can also give you a list of questions to ask to ensure that you are investing wisely in the best school for your child.  We also provide our clients with a planning timeline for the journey. We even assist with the agonizing decision of competitive choice.  We know the independent school systems well.


If your child needs a tutor, we have a list of specialists who can assist your child to achieve success.  If your child has special needs, we also have contacts who can help you.


This is a very competitive environment, and there is no reason that you need to go it alone.  We are here to help you every step of the way to ensure future academic, social, and emotional success. In addition, when the time comes to explore colleges and universities (9th grade), we can also assist you and your student.

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