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 Career Coach


As an authorized partner for the PXT Select™, we deliver and analyze the results of nine behavioral scales, six interest scales, and four cognitive ability scales to study the potential match between an applicant and a job or career.  The results are displayed in STEN scores or each scale.  Behavioral traits like decisiveness, assertiveness, manageability, and drive are measured.


These scales predict the overall career match based on a library of 300,000 models developed from the US Department of Labor. 


Schedule your session today to ensure that you are seeking a career that matches your personality, behavior, interest and cognitive ability.  Sessions are virtual and reports are delivered to individuals or teams.  Don't you want to know what gaps you have before you begin college or searching for your next position?  Don't you want to hire the right person to fit the culture of your organization?  A bad hire costs $$$ and wastes time.

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