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Feed Your Brain

What have you learned today? Are you an infinite learner? Do you “feed your brain” from books, articles, and social platforms? Or, do you learn from people?


Infinite learners thrive on challenge. They are eager to develop new skills and talents. They tap into their network of influencers or hire executive coaches to retrain their brains to absorb vast amounts of information, ramping up their team's success. Every day, executives face new and different challenges in this "Network Age" that we now subscribe to 24/7. Executives need to launch the best initiative at the perfect time, and they must develop an astuteness about emotional intelligence that thwarts threatening situations and creates competently courageous, high performers that exceed expectations. They are required to keep the synergy moving internally and externally for revenue, profits, and the bottom line. And, all of this happens before lunch!

Gone are the days of a procedures manual of shared visions. The business process changes and evolves and to excel, executives need to learn and grow. Out of the box, thinking requires out of the book learning, and these demands create stress for managers and employees. Books cannot capture all of the case studies that are needed to ensure success. Mistakes occur, business processes are modified, and trainng begins again. Executives are constantly being asked to create, assess, implement and change. Executives need to build trust and spark inspiration while developing their own mental toughness and resiliency.

Creating Mastermind groups in social platforms with a network of influencers can promote this feeding of the brain via people; however, specific tasks and skills may not be developed as rapidly as needed to move the needle on progress. Individual executive coaching can play a profound role in development. Leaders who offer executive coaching for their employees are sending their best and brightest, high performers a gift that cannot be replaced by classes or conferences, mentors or support groups. Not everyone learns well in large groups, and individual programs have often been found to exceed group training for the young as well as the seasoned professional. Attending a conference while juggling your email inbox and passively learning in a sea of other professionals is not the method that grows high performers. Employees learn more when they are comfortable and feel trust.

Leaders that plant the seeds to develop resiliency among their team, build the trust necessary for inspiration. They create a framework for learning by inquisition and expand opportunities for growth and development. Sometimes the learning is in the questions, not the answers. This progress is where the new Network Age is heading. Executive coaching can occur from virtually anywhere, and CEOs that aren't providing it, are missing out on ROI. We all need a gift like this from the CEO or the president to boost our enthusiasm to feed our brains; a gift that keeps on giving.

Admission Network is an executive coaching and consulting firm that assists professionals and teams in creating success. For more information and to schedule, go to

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