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Mind or Machine?

We are moving, moving faster than 5G. That is not even close to adequate for our future aspirations. Are you ready?

According to Peter H. Diamonds and Steven Kotler, bestselling authors of "Abundance, Bold, and The Future is Faster than You Think, and the flowresearchcollective, "Technology is accelerating far more quickly than anyone could have imagined." I am not talking about social media, Instagram, and Facebook, but maybe I am. I am talking about how we live and work in the very, very near future. Take uber, for instance, soon the cars will drive themselves, and they will fly. Elon Musk, while sitting in a traffic snarl in LA, decided to develop the flying car. And it is not just about cars; it is about space, rockets, and planes. And, it is not just about how we get there. Do we even need to get there? Americans spend 25 percent of their day commuting to various places. First, we go to work then we go to a meeting, then we go back to work, and then we go home. What would our work life be like if we didn't have to keep going? Not going, what does that look like to us? I am not talking about video conferencing and business skype or zoom.

What if we each had an Avatar, that looked, spoke, and strategized the way we do now? Another person, if you, will that could handle things that we needed to handle without going. Beam me up, Scotty? I whole new world is upon us. I know it sounds like The Jetsons and The Starship Enterprise, but this acceleration of technology will also impact our health, which means we can and should live longer. Because of speed, not 5G anymore, incurable diseases will have a faster cure rate, general surgery will change, and just health screens will be automated. Doctors are currently assisted by robotic arms in surgical procedures to minimize incisions and invasive procedures. Soon, it will be the robot, no doctor. For example, cameras that peer into soft tissue are being on the rise, and AI will allow for enhanced dexterity and diagnostics. Microscopic robots are being developed to deliver medicine where chemotherapy fails us with its inefficiencies and side effects. Very soon, some argue by 2023, if not then, certainly by 2025, we will have precise delivery to specific organs. And another developing technology that will change the way we view our healthcare is 3D printing. We are already able to print kidney tissue, and prosthetic limbs. But on the horizon is the aptitude and capability to utilize light to create the bionic eye. Visualize that one, and we will have the ability to create an entire physical being. First, prosthetic limbs, then tissue and now eyes. We are creating change faster than we can learn and adapt to the change before the next significant change is upon us. And yet, we struggle with small changes like tv, Netflix, hulu channels, airport configurations, uber pickups, food deliveries, google maps, iOS upgrades. All things we barely had a decade ago. How will we adapt if we don't begin now to expect change every day? We will be discovering a century amount of change in just the next decade. You can't imagine it, or can you? Only the people who are willing to believe it, go with it, embrace it will survive. Our children will survive, but will we? The only way to survive is through education, mental fortitude, resilience to new things, collaboration (Mastermind groups), and creativity. Entrepreneurs that do not "keep up" or will that be enough, to launch them into our new technological world? It won't be enough. Just keeping up will leave them behind. They will have to draw upon others to manage the newness of the flow of technology coming at them in multi-dimensions. If it were just transportation, or healthcare, or the way we use our currency to invest, buy, and trade, that would be one thing, but it will also be communication, entertainment, vacation options. Even our vacations will be "interrupted" by advances that we cannot imagine. We used to go to the beach, now we go to Mars, or it used to take a day to get to Italy, now we can be there for lunch and back by dinner time.

So how does one educate for things that are coming that we can't envision yet? How will educators keep up ahead of the average business person who needs our help to ensure that he/she learns quickly enough to accelerate their thinking, living, doing? I mean seriously, we went from the fit-bit for step-counting to improve our workout regimen to an FDA-approved ECG scanner for cardiac monitoring, and this is just one of the latest health sensor diagnostics. Time will not increase only due to expanded life expectancy, but our days will include "free" time when we don't have to wait for an uber, wait for a doctor, wait for food delivery, wait in traffic. Flying cars will take us up, over and around the snarl that gave Elon Musk the idea to eliminate the frustration. What annoyances in your life do you want to remove? The sound of the train going by my house, the ambulance in the distance.

What changes in technology will naturally occur with sound? Can we create ways only to hear what we want, when we can tolerate the disturbance? Or, can we shut out the crying baby sound on a plane? Who is working on that? There are thousands of things that we can change with accelerating technological growth. Or, will technological growth become the new annoyance, so we don't have to wait, but we don't know how to use any of the latest functions. Can you imagine learning how to use your bionic eye once you have it? Or, what will flying cars do to people with motion sickness? Will it make it better or worse? Is our mind in control once we have all of these nuances in technology, or is the machine in control? Who is running the mother ship now? If we don't envision, get creative, step into the unknown and test these new ideas, we will mentally lose our focus and our edge, and yes, "the machine" will be in control. Do you control the Avatar, or does the Avatar control you? Quite seriously, I don't run my office; my executive assistant does, can you imagine having an Avatar executive assistance running your business? We are moving. I am moving. Are you moving too?


Admission Network,LLC in conjunction with Eckstein Executive coaching believes the "Future is Faster Than You Think," and thank you to all of the masterminds devoted to this Book for advising us on what is to come so that I can continue developing leaders, strategic thinkers, and change managers to transform their businesses to answer the demand of competition next week,;

Empowering Executives and Educating Students.

All credits go to:

"Future is Faster Than You Think." Kotler, Steven and Diamonds, Peter H, Simon and Schuster, 2020.

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