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Are You Hiring High Performers?

Are you? Do you know if your team is capable of performing well together and can meet your expectations? Have you hired someone recently who is just not working out yet they seem to be proficient at the tasks at hand? You might want to consider Profile XT assessments before you make that important hire, or if you inherited a staff it is not too late. A highly reliable assessment like the Profile XT will let you know your employees behavioral traits, thinking styles and interests. It will also give you an idea of their verbal reasoning and numerical ability. Wouldn't you like to know if your employee is capable of performing financial calculations before you place him/her in that position that ultimately affects you, your job and your net revenue? Are you ready to put your job on the line without really understanding which of your employees is efficient? You need a team of bright bulbs, glowing all the time, working efficiently in tandem that will work for you for a very long time. This sells!

The Profile XT will also give you the sociability, manageability and accommodation index and if you perform the Profile XT on all of your employees, you will have a team assessment which will tell you who is the most accommodating on your team, or who is the most social. Sociability and assertiveness is directly related to sales, and customer service. Do you want to make the mistake and hire someone who is afraid to pick up the phone? Do you really want to hire someone who has a manageability index of 1, on a scale of 1-10. Especially if everyone else on your team is between 7 and 9? This employee might cause you problems. This program rates your final applicants to see who is the best match for your position. If you are in sales, you simply must know if your employees have the skills and behaviors that match driven sales professionals. Sales teams all over the world are doing this, and if you haven't tried it, you are missing a valuable tool for your toolbox. I have access to over 2,000 positions in my library that we can customize to ensure that you make the right hiring decision for your specific position and your expectations. Did you know that half of all hires don't work out? Do you know what that cost you in time and money? This can really affect you and your team, not to mention your livelihood.

Here is my suggestion, of course you need to hire me to perform the assessments, because not just anyone can do this. Each person who can perform assessments goes through training to ensure that they understand the tests, and how to analyze the results so that you have a clear understanding of not just the employees that you are interviewing but how they will fit into your team. Why not start the New Year with assessments on all of your employees. I wonder what your personal assessment will look like? I recently took mine and it was very helpful to me. I can help. Contact me today so I can get you and your team set up for the New Year. It only takes a simple phone call, email or message, and I will send you some sample reports so you will then understand the data that you will have at your disposal for a very small cost in comparison to a bad hire.

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