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Time to Prep for College

It is Saturday morning. What are you doing? Laundry, paying bills, running errands? Maybe you have a special day planned with your family. I hope so. I wonder how many of you are worrying about your future or your goals? We all worry to some extent, even the Type B parents. Or maybe, you are worrying about how that meeting ended Friday afternoon. Did you get your point across? Should you have included a video production in your final remarks.

Week-ends are meant for leisure time with our families. Instead, I am writing this blog. I should be on the treadmill right now according to my doctor (and my husband). Thanks, dear! But, instead, the fixer in me is preparing for my next family. They are an average, normal family worried about their son's college path. They truly do not know where to begin and they are a little behind in the process. He is starting his sophomore year in a public high school, and his guidance counselor has about 200 sophomore's. His parents need guidance, and a timeline. They are not sure when to take the SAT or if they should take the ACT, or both. They are also confused about visiting colleges. Should he have already looked at a few, and how many should he apply to. He is also a high school athlete, and they have been saving his stats but they have not organized them in any real way, and they are thinking about a video to capture his performance but they also know they are expensive.

They have hired me to help them find their path and offer up some ideas for their game plan. I have to go, I think they just pulled up. I hope to help them all I can.

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