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Congratulations or Not?

I know you are out there, a parent or a student who has applied ED or EA: Early Decision or Early Action, and now you are waiting, and waiting, or you have received the "I regret to inform you letter." You are the audience for this blog. I am writing to tell you that it will be okay. I know you had your heart set on going to University X but sometimes it just is not in the cards. How do you re-position yourself?

First, take a few minutes and assess your situation. How can you turn a rejection letter into an acceptance letter either at this particular school or another?

Second, what steps will you take to overcome this set-back?

What does a successful college admission look like to you?

If you are a parent, I suggest talking to other parents who have gone through a similar situation and are willing to admit it, or talking to someone like me who can make logical, and productive suggestions for next steps.

If you are a student reading my blog, then I suggest that you review your application and talk to your guidance counselor or ask your parents for assistance in re-framing your application. Maybe it was your essay, or your quantity and quality of co-curricular activities? Maybe it was simply that University X received an abundance of applications this year. I can help and make suggestions


Remember, it is not always the college you attend that determines your success. You define your success.

Rebecca Eckstein

Admission Network


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