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Wonder and Why

What does success look like for you? Are you confident in your path holistically as a person? It is January 2019, and we have all made those resolutions that this year will be different. How? What will we plan to do this year to change everything about the way that we do business or interact with each other?

How much thought have you put into it? Thought leaders spend days, weeks, and sometimes months deciding how and why they will make a difference in the world. Have you spent the time to actually decide what your definition of success looks like to you?

This year, I plan to connect, really connect more with the people who matter the most to me, and some of the people who don't but really should. This connectivity should be easier than ever with the use of technology but in learning to connect, we also have to set boundaries to refresh. It is ironic that I am attempting to connect better by setting boundaries. The boundaries are so that I have time to actually focus on what really matters, and taking the time to wonder about fulfillment. What really adds value to your life?

At the end of the year, what do you want to have achieved? Let's pretend for a minute that this is your last year on earth (morbid I know) and you want to make it meaningful, you desperately need to make it meaningful; what would you do this year? Make a list now. These will be your goals. Do you want to send 10,000 emails to message your friends? Do you want to play to the next level on Candy Crush? Do you want to binge watch Netflix? Are these really creating fulfillment in your life, or are these just the fillers in your life?

Take the time to wonder about why. I took a course once entitled, "The Search for Human Meaning." It was that important to me. I learned nothing that I was grappling with about human meaning, but it made me think even more about my legacy and making a difference to you, and you, and yes you way over there. You don't even know I am here, and I haven't met you YET, but I do think about what if I didn't have these fillers in my life. What could I do with just a little more time everyday? Would I have time to think more inspirationally, or help someone else get out of the weeds? Sometimes, we fall down the rabbit hole and we get lost in ourselves, and we just have to develop a plan and find the surface, again. Maybe that is the answer to the search for human meaning.

Get a pen, right now, and make your list for January, and each of the other 11 months. Right down your goals, and set your boundaries, establish a routine for your action items, and make it happen. If you have to give up a lunch, or talk to your boss, or leave work on time, or get up early to develop your 20 minutes to create your goals, do it. Start small. Take just a few minutes to re-create yourself this year. Plan it, make the time for it, and you will achieve it in 2019. Are you ready?

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