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Reach Should Exceed Grasp

genius will be born. Here are 7 methods to develop your genius:

1. Don’t Force Inspiration..instead discover. Dapple with invention, try new things but do it in fun and inspiring environments. 2. Understand Bias. Standardization kills creativity. Teachers who limit a child's ability to be imaginative with too much structure keep children from discovering new things. Let them plan. 3. IQ and Creativity are Genius. Intelligence and creativity are a combination that is hard to beat. 4. Have a Growth Mindset. Learn new things, travel, play games that are new and inventive. This develops new nerve pathways in the brain. 5. Learn from your intuition and previous experiences. Consider hiring an #executivecoach to advise you along your path to success. 6. Daydream and practice mindfulness. Relaxation and the brain help induce moments of clarity that develop inspiration. 7. Plumb the depths of your inner soul and push the envelope. Take risks. Curiosity has long been the path to learning; it can also be the path to creativity and success and continuous growth even if you have fallen down the rabbit hole. If you want to get creative and bounce back from all of the things that life throws at you, I suggest taking an assessment to validate your strengths, determine your cognitive abilities and evaluate your behavioral traits... like creativity. You might be a Mozart or a Picasso in the making and you might not even know it. If you are not, you will certainly begin to understand how you fit into your team culture and if you are a round peg in a square hole.

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